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Yay welcome back! I missed your blog *^^* Good luck with the jetlag...


Welcome home! My son had a dairy protein allergy when he was little too, and I gave up dairy while feeding him which SUCKED but got me back to my teenage weight so wasn't all bad. Once he was weaned we had to give him soy formula, but by the time he was 2 he'd totally outgrown the allergy and now has a normal diet.


Getting bigger


good luck with the jetlag! and getting those allergies under control.


Great to see a post!! My son also has a dairy allergy (and a million other food allergies), it made his cheeks red kind of like Shuma's, so I always wondered if Shuma had some sort of allergy. I had to give up dairy while nursing for awhile.


Welcome back!! Look forward to U recounting your holiday in Canada. Shuma has grown heaps, he looks like a totally different baby!!


if he allergic to dairy how he get calcium ? i want him to be super strong and not be calcium deficient thats why i ask. he looks slightly more canadian hehehe.


Thanks for the welcome back!

Suzy and Jen, when Shuma first developed eczema at 2 1/2 months we suspected a dairy allergy so I tried giving up dairy, but there was no difference. Researching it now I realized I didn't do it right, so I'm going to do it properly this time. If it does turn out that he's allergic I'll feel REALLY bad for letting him suffer all this time when I could have prevented it.

Yum-Yum, he only appears to be allergic to cow milk, so he's still getting plenty of calcium from me. And if for some reason I have to wean him early, there are plenty of soy-based formulas available. I am a bit worried about getting enough calcium for ME though, as soy milk here is not fortified like it is back home.

Kyoko Inoue

I'm so delighted to find your blog today!
I missed you so much and I have been a little afraid that you might move to your hometown forever. Because Tokyo is not so safe for your Shuma anymore, I thought I couldn't blame you. Things like that.
Well, Shuma looks really diffrent than before! His recent growth seems to be faster than before. Not only in his physical growth but also in the mental growth. Shuma 's picture says that way.


Welcome back indeed!! Shuma looks like a mini sumo! (in a good way!!!) So adorable!!!
Mmm..foods high in calcium include bony fish (eat the bones too!) and dark green vegetables. :)


What a sweet pic. Totally digging the hair.

Account Deleted

Already a Samurai!


Happy to see your blog!
Shuma is getting so handsome!


Welcome back! All the best with the weight loss. Hopefully more breast-feeding may help somewhat. Nonetheless staying healthy and happy is most important. I love how your Shuma - so kawaii ne!


Welcome back!!
I'm really happy that I see your blog.

Ruth Pfeiffer

I understand the jet lag issue. I traveled from the US to Germany when my two boys were only 3 years old and 11 months old. Their dad was in the military at the time. Traveling with a toddler and baby at the same time by yourself is challenging. The trip was so worth it, what an experience. My boys are grown up now so I just look back with memories. Good luck with the weight lose, that is another challenge that I have dealt with in my life. Chasing after your little one will help take the weight off.Stop by my web site for any baby and toddler items you may need. We supply quality baby to toddler products for your nursery and play area.
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welcome back. jet lag with babies is tough. we flew back from japan when my daughter was 2 and it took 2 weeks till we found normal again.

when my son was a baby he became allergic to wheat, dairy, and soy. i gave up all three for a year while i nursed him. breakfast was tough. i could eat rice, meat, vegetables and fruit, nothing else. i was so hungry at that time, especially since i was feeding my daughter and husband an unrestricted diet, so they ate cheese, yogurt, ice cream, soy sauce and bread in front of me most days.

my son is 12 now and has no food allergies at all. he outgrew them by the time he was 3.

good luck! such a cutie.


Welcome back! I hope you enjoyed your stay
I missed new articles and news of Shuma!! Always so cute!

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